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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we begin with breaking news from malta in the mediterranean. a hijacking has come to a peaceful end. a group of hijackers hijacked the flight and diverted to multi-. more than 118 passengers and crew have been rescued and the suspects have surrendered.
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a pro-gadhafi group. the most wanted man in europe is dead. berlin terror suspect anis amri was shot by italian police that a border checkpoint -- checkpoint in milan. but was he acting alone? as carson reports, german investigators are on the hunt for accomplices.>> reporter: anis amri's four day run from law enforcement ended with a police gunfight in milan italy. some 600 miles from berlin. the tunisian national was believed to have mowed down to visitors of a christmas market in berlin. and he was asked for id at 3 am, he took a pistol from his backpack and shot one in the shoulder. the second officer responded with deadly force. german chancellor angela merkel says security forces will not reun
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have helped him escape. officials say he fled to france and then italy. ices released this video of omri -- amri pledging allegiance to isis.'s fingerprints were found inside the cab of the tractor- trailer used in the attack. dash cam video shows the truck barreling toward the christmas market followed by people running from the scene. police say amri was also spotted on camera at a berlin mosque. at an afternoon conference, chancellor merkel said she spoke with the tunisian president and said the two nations must speed up deportation for those like amri who were denied deportation. >> published reports say iraq intelligence warned german authorities twice about amri in september and then again in october, saying he was an isis supporter who could carry out an attack on german soil. the rush
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of travelers trying to reach their loved ones for the holidays. larry miller spent the day at washington airport where security lines were flooded with people trying to get an early start on the travel funds a. >> we are in the thick of the travel season. according to aaa, more than 2.3 million washingtonians are expected to travel to see loved ones for the holidays. the best advice according to experts is even folks in line, get to the airport as soon as you can. the long lines at first glance are a bit intimidating. then you realize the weight isn't too bad as holiday travelers try to get out of town as quickly as they can.>> it seems like you're not dealing with too much,? >> not at the moment. it's fine. it's pretty smooth. >> reporter: a lot of people were heading to warm destinations, hoping to find some son. andrew ruiz heading to mexico to go surfing with his fa
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>> how long have you been doing it? >> 20 years. i've been going since i was two years old. >> it looks like the flight is working in your favor. >> hopefully. >> reporter: travel apps like trip it are helping flyers get to their destinations with greater ease. they organize travel plans in one place where they can share it with others. the arabs and others like it are helping ease a little bit of the travel headache but for some, bypassing travel altogether is the best strategy. dailey wrote on twitter "i keep reading about airport drama. really reinforcing my decision to stay home this year. >> reporter: the biggest influx of people is expected to take place at about 4:00 this afternoon. at reagan international, gary logan. >> aaa says the number of people traveling by plane or on the road is up by more than 2% compared to last year. if you plan on traveling on christmas eve, you could see additional cars on the road.
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it's a good day for traveling in our area today but what about where you are going around the country and tomorrow? >> and we're getting pretty lucky because today's weather will be the highest volume of people trying to get out of town and in town. we're not going to see issues across the dc metro but tomorrow we are going to see showers to kick off her weekend. with that being said, pretty nice if you have this christmas eve eve kicking off. for 6 degrees and the south wind arms us up to just shy of 50 degrees today. but we have got more weather around the country that might delay your flight even if the weather does look fairly quiet. 49 degrees, partly cloudy but there is to areas of the country where we are seeing some active weather that could cause weather delays. the first of which, all across the west coast into the intermountain west. they are going to be dealing with rain shower this afternoon. los angeles, seattle, that will carry in
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well. that means for the higher elevations that snow is you get closer to parts of montana, idaho and even denver, dealing with snow shower possibilities tonight into tomorrow. chicago and minneapolis, this is the second weather maker. this will cause light showers, a wintry mix and some light showers but they typically handle snow events for events of this magnitude. only about 1 to 2 inches and minneapolis. not going to see many delays. we've got travel issues across parts of the country but that arrives tomorrow with a yellow weather alert. we're going to talk about when we're going to see showers around. that radar and seven-day forecast, all at the palm of your hand. you know when it comes to holiday shopping, there are definitely two very different types of people, those of you who are probably all done with her shopping and your gifts already beautifully wrapped and under the tree, and the rest of
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if you're in the second category still struggling to get gifts, don't panic. there is still time. has evan koslof reports, at least one store is staying open 24 hours a day would -- leading up to the holidays. >> i am a grown adult and i think this is pretty cool. at kohl's, there is a ton of presence for the next 30 hours straight. shopping is all about sacrifice. just ask this cowboys found buying redskins pjs. >> the things you do for the christmas spirit. >> reporter: and she's not alone. hundreds are expected to come to shops like this one.>> clifford goes to kindergarten. paul patrol.>> last-minute jewelry, earrings. >> last-minute gifts. >> frozen. >> reporter: and these shoppers are part of an estimated 12% of us who are expected to wait until the last minute this year.
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my way to work rather than waiting until the afternoon with the rest of the crowds. >> reporter: this is expected to be a good year for retail. total sales are expected to jump by about 3.5% this year. sandra and her daughter got rid of the guessing game and that presents together. >> reporter: so you're buying for yourselves? >> absolutely. then we get what we want. >> reporter: while many people are coming here today, increasingly many are doing all this shopping from home. new members -- numbers point out that 10% of total sales are projected to be done online. that's about $95 billion nationwide. at kohl's, aaron koslow, wusa 9. >> the national retail federation is also asking what people are buying and found half of them went for clothing and third of shoppers but toys this holiday season. we are following two big stories in
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virginia. a woman is dead and her husband is facing drunk driving charges after this early morning crash in centerville. investigators say 32-year-old darling ramirez was thrown from her husband's car and killed when it crashed onward way road. the couple was not wearing seatbelts. police have charged 31-year-old carlos armando with driving while intoxicated. fairfax county police are investigating the homicide on blarney stone court. that is where they found henok yohannes with trauma to his upper body. an autopsy is being done to determine how he died. the president-elect's communication director is setting the record straight, trying to explain what donald trump meant about nuclear weapons. jason miller says mr. trump was referring to potential nuclear terrorism. the present -- president-elect tweeted on thursday that the u.s. was greatly expanding
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capability and tell the world comes to its senses. while the brevity of the twitter con that this comment is raising serious questions around nuclear policy analysts. >> does that mean increasing our capabilities in terms of explosive power or hoping more nuclear warheads? we're not sure. what we do know is our enemies and allies alike have no idea what the president-elect is talking about and that could be destabilizing. >> also troubling, comments on social media came shortly after russian president vladimir putin made his speech to military chiefs where he said russia needs to strengthen the military potential of its strategic nuclear forces. trumps tweets are raising eyebrows on social media today. poppa tweets "trump nuke -- it's the liberal mindset. they can't differentiate between the world they wish and the world that is. #trump. " david and josh wrote "after inauguration, is he going to start periscoping, his tiny finger hanginov
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good lord." and finally "we are now closer to a nuclear holocaust and trump hasn't even been inaugurated yet." we would love to hear from you. log onto any of our wusa 9 social media pages and join the conversation. the hunt is on for whoever spent -- stole two siberian tiger cubs in virginia. the cubs are estimated at $4000 each so they figure the thieves knew exactly what they were after. >> my gut feeling would be it was somebody who realized what they were and how to handle them and probably had either a place to go with them or a sale for them when they took them. >> two of the three were taken. $1000 is being offered for their safe return. see how a new school surgery is allowing one baby to celebrate his first happy and healthy christmas.
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topping today's health alert, marley hall shows us how a successful surgical procedure has given a new york family a reason to be thankful this holiday season. >> reporter: seven month old vincent bono is celebrating his first christmas. his parents say it's more than a milestone, it's a blessing. >> my pregnancy i was worried every day. >> reporter: vincent was born with a rare birth defect that causes a ridge on the forehead. for some children, surgery is necessary to allow the brain to grow and develop normally. >> it's not fixed in infancy. it becomes a deformity that limits their ability. >> reporter: doctors at stony brook medical reconstructed his skull using 3-d technology.
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these models of vincent's head showed doctors the before and after surgery results. >> the 3-d modeling technique makes the operation considerably safer. >> reporter: doctors also used the models to practice taking the school apart, removing the deformity, and putting it back together again. >> this template tells you exactly where to cut. >> correct.>> what is the benefit of that? >> decision. >> reporter: for vincent's parents, it was a nerve-racking five-hour procedure but they say the results made it all worth it. >> the surgery went well. we are very thankful for that. >> reporter: now, they're looking forward to spending time with family this holiday season. marley hall, cbs news, new york.>> wanted 15,000 babies are born with this defect. doctors say another benefit to using the 3-d technology is the procedure can be shorter, which means less time under anesthesia. a toronto
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people that the tiniest babies will be spending the holidays in the hospital. like little on yahoo is currently in the need on -- neonatal intensive care unit but don't worry, she is in very good hands. since she will be in the hospital for christmas, a couple of chris -- misses decided to bring christmas to her. take a look. >> ♪ >> the humouan tch and the human voice. this video has been retreated more than 2000 times. if you're kids are waiting for santa, they will like this. you can keep tabs on saint nick with norad santa tracker. just go to www. norad/ and you n
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journey, play games, watch videos, and learn about his history. santa likes it cold but not rodents. this time of year, those critters are looking for three things: shelter, water, and food. surprisingly, your car could have two of those things covered. take a look at this photo of damage to a wiring -- the wiring of a car. the wiring on new and hybrid cars can be wrapped in a soy- based coding and rodents are attracted to that soy and are looking for something to chew on. if it's not -- and it's not just if your car is parked outside. rodents can easily get into your garage or your home. all they need is a hole the size of a quarter. >> there is a push towards reducing and reusing and recycling things so a lot of things are made out of soy. we are using alternative materials to build things. sometimes those become edible. mice and rats can get into that hand to those types of things. >>
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few tips to keep rodents away from your car. wrapped wiring and rodents repeller tape. do know that. spray the wiring with hot sauce or rapid with a cotton ball coded and peppermint oil, or place mothballs under the hood. but they warn not to use poison on the wiring because you don't want to breathe that in through the air-conditioning. >> peppermint oil and hot sauce? did they test out a bunch of things? >> i don't know. i know we used to try to keep kiam pepper to keep dogs in one specific area. >> it must be their senses. you want something new everyday. >> that's why we are here on wusa 9 at noon . now to learn more about weather, melissa? we're getting pretty lucky. i know a lot of people want a white christmas. you don't have to shovel snow. you don't have to worry about the roads. no ice scraping. that happened
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let's step outside right now. pretty nice on your friday afternoon with a mostly sunny sky. temperature-wise, throughout the week, we're going to have her around 50 degrees every day. right now 46 degrees. this is the funniest part of the day as we go from here to the afternoon. do expect clouds to be on the increase. we have a south wind at 7 miles per hour and the wind will stay out of the south until we have our next disturbance bring some showers to the area. that kicks off tomorrow morning. 43 degrees in gaithersburg, 43 degrees in frederick, 44 degrees and waldorf. climbing into the 40s. you can see those clouds building in from the west. our next weather maker for the weekend is on its way in. this will cause a few travel issues for those of you heading into parts of the mississippi valley, up to the midwest, there will be snow, mixed showers into the chicago area but this arrives tomorrow and
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this will be all rain for the area. it's just going to before the morning hours on your saturday. for the rest of today, clouds are increasing ahead of that for your friday evening plans with family, friends coming into the area. not going to see and issues. we stay dry through midnight and then past midnight, we start to see some of those rain showers arriving. 6 am tomorrow morning, upper 30s to around 40 degrees. there will be spots on the higher elevations that could initially see a little bit of freezing rain but as we go from their towards 9 am, 10 am tomorrow, temperatures continue to rise into the low and mid 40s. noontime, still some showers lingering but by the afternoon hours we should see things drying out and that will lead into the start of hanukkah tomorrow evening. we will have a yellow weather alert. >> reporter: those on our phone. we have radar on our wusa 9 app. for christmas day, not going to see any issues. should be dry weather for santa
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claus with all the reindeer and 50 degrees itself for a high temperature on christmas day. some clouds in the morning increasing to the afternoon. here's a look at the next seven days. a pretty mild at a weekend expected. monday and tuesday warming through the 50s. we will see more showers around next thursday. stuck we will be back with more wusa 9 news at noon after
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he learned as a lifeguard but never had to use until now. >> he was already turning purple and blue. his breath was like extremely short after one like big breath. at that moment, you just don't know what you did and what you're doing. >> and what he did, saving another man's life, did not go unappreciated. days later, the customers and darko a credit -- a thank you card and a check for $5000. and he is now a
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a mostly sunny afternoon on your christmas. enjoy. >> i will. thank you. that's it for wusa 9 news. we will be back at 5:00. from all of us had wusa 9 at noon, happy holidays. i will see
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>> chelsea: okay, connor, stay close by, buddy! >> nick: are you still planning on coming over to my parents' later? >> chelsea: yeah, i'm looking forward to it. what? i am. for connor's sake. it's important that he be around family and feel all of the love that he still has in his life, you know? >> nick: well, good, because my best memories as a kid are newman family christmases. >> chelsea: oh, that's nice. especially compared to christmases with my mom. we would be holed up in a cheap motel eating cold chinese food, hiding from the cops. >> nick: ah, mine are a little different. >> chelsea: a little. sounds like it. >> nick: i'm just glad that connor and his cousin will be able to carry on the newman christmas tradition. >> chelsea: yeah. what? what's -- what's wrong? >> nick: [ sighs ] it's just, uh, you know, i can't stop thinking about faith. i want t


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